Beginning June 20, 2012, upon a criminal defendant's request for diversion pursuant to title 40, chapter 15 (Pretrial) or §40-35-313 (Judicial), all of which require a certificate from the TBI relative to a defendant's eligibility for diversion, the defendant must pay $100 in order to obtain the "Application for Certification of Eligibility for Diversion", a document completed by the TBI which is required before a court can order a criminal defendant to be placed on a diversionary program. This fee was instituted by the General Assembly in Public Chapter 1041. Once the fee is paid and the application is completed, it will be returned to the appropriate District Attorney's office for consideration.

The charge per request is $100.00.

You may only use this site for the purpose of submitting a diversion request. Payment must be received before your request can be submitted for consideration. You will be presented with the oportunity to pay by credit card, (charge per request: $100.00).